April 24, 2023

Ep. 86 – Rachel Cram & Roy Salmond – Thanks For Listening (A Heartfelt Goodbye)

Suddenly and sadly, this is our last family360 episode.

In this goodbye, we share ‘why we needed to end’, ‘insights from a wonderful guest whose recorded interview we can’t release’, and ‘wisdom from guests whose words will linger on with us for years to come’.

Join us for our heartfelt goodbye.

We are so grateful for all who have listened to family360!

Episode Guest

Rachel Cram & Roy Salmond

Rachel Cram is the Founding Director of Wind & Tide Schools, a flourishing early childhood education community with 40 campus locations, 160 staff, family life programming and a wide scope of educational resources.

Rachel’s commitment to fostering peace and well-being for children and families emerges from over 3 decades of educational leadership and practice.

Roy Salmond is a 30-year seasoned music producer, engineer, composer, studio owner and blog writer.

Roy’s award-winning productions have taken him to top studios in the world, recording throughout Canada, the United States and the UK.

Working out of his own studio Whitewater Productions in Vancouver BC, Roy works on a wide variety of music and projects endeavoring to imbue culture with artistic integrity.

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